The University of Bedfordshire’s Safer Young Lives Research Centre (SYLRC) works to create and share knowledge around young people’s experiences of abuse, and to work with others – locally, nationally and internationally – to better prevent and respond to this.

We were previously known as ‘The International Centre: Researching child sexual exploitation, violence and trafficking’, but changed our name in March 2021 to better reflect the full nature of our work.

We are committed to:

  • The empowerment and protection of young people
  • Transparency and excellence in research
  • Being theoretically informed and practically relevant
  • Collaborative and partnership-based working
  • Young people’s safe and meaningful participation
  • Inclusive and anti-oppressive practice
  • Ethical and innovative ways of working

You can find full details of staff, projects and publications at the SYLRC website at http://www.beds.ac.uk/sylrc