Same research centre – different name!

As of today (31st March 2021), the International Centre: Researching child sexual exploitation, violence and trafficking will have a new name – we’ll be called the Safer Young Lives Research Centre.

You may be wondering; why the name change?

Well, the main reason is that our existing name speaks only to part of the work that we now do in the Centre, and we want a name that encompasses all of our work. Whilst sexual abuse remains a substantial and priority area of work for us, we have also been increasingly undertaking work around other forms of abuse, including through our Contextual Safeguarding and Tackling Child Exploitation Support Programme strands of work.

Our new name speaks to all of this work. It also speaks directly to the positive change we want to see happen as a result of our work. And, as an added bonus, the shorter title means it should now take half the time to introduce ourselves at meetings!

And speaking of ourselves, it’s important to emphasise that the Safer Young Lives Research Centre is still the International Centre […insert rest of long name!] in all but name. The leadership and staffing remain the same, the focus of our work and our ways of working also remain the same.

We’ve just got a new name.

Think of us as the research centre version of Marathons becoming Snickers or Opal Fruits becoming Starbursts – the new name may seem strange for a while, but you’ll soon get used to it – and we’re still the same on the inside!

And staying the same on the inside is critically important to us – we never want to lose our applied focus and our passion for the work that we do, our commitment to participatory and ethical practice and our immensely valuable partnerships and collaborations – these remain at the heart of who we are and what we do.

And at risk of starting to sound like a wedding speech…

Sincere thanks to all of you who have supported our work over the years, whether through funding our work, involvement in our research, disseminating our work, providing guidance or moral support or any other of the myriad ways in which we have been supported. It is very much noticed and appreciated.

And immeasurable thanks to our staff team, including our amazing Young Researchers’ Advisory Panel. Your passion for the work, the insights and expertise you bring, the care and support you show each other – it all makes for a wonderful journey together and one I look forward to continuing as the Safer Young Lives Research Centre…

Helen (Director of the Safer Young Lives Research Centre)

To find out more about our work, check out our website at and follow us on twitter @uniofbedsSYLRC