Research Summary Slide Pack – Edition 2.

Today we publish the second edition of our ‘Research Summary Slide Pack’, condensing headline findings from 30 pieces of work.

These slides provide you with an overview of the work we have undertaken, as well as some of the key themes emerging across multiple projects. To get a comprehensive picture of the methodologies, conclusions and limitations of each study you can find each publication on our website.

We also publish policy consultations, journal articles, book chapters, practitioner briefings and publications for children and young people, which you can find on our website and individual staff profiles.

We will be updating this slide pack twice a year, so please check the website to make sure you have the most up to date version.

Download the Summary Slide Pack

Projects included in Edition 2.

Reviews of Policy and Practice

  • What’s going on to safeguard children from CSE? How local partnerships respond to sexual exploitation – 2011
  • Exploring the scale and nature of child sexual exploitation in Scotland – 2012
  • Tackling Child Sexual Exploitation: A study of current practice in London – 2014
  • Mapping therapeutic services for sexual abuse in the UK – 2015
  • CSE Definition and Practitioner Briefing Paper – Scotland- 2016
  • Child sexual exploitation: Definition & Guide for Professionals: Extended Text England- 2017
  • Rapid Evidence Assessments of outreach, direct work and prevention education in relation to CSE – 2017

Criminal Justice System and Policing

  • A scoping exercise on gathering evidence of the sexual exploitation of children – 2008
  • Suffering in Silence: Children and unreported crime – 2014
  • Making Justice Work: the experiences of victims and witnesses in CSE cases – 2015
  • Research Briefings on CSA, Neglect, and Policing – 2015
  • Children and young people’s perspectives on the police’s role in safeguarding -ˇ 2016

Participation and Service Users

  • Challenging sexual violence in Europe: participatory methods with children -2012
  • ‘Our Voices’ Youth Advisor consultation on sexual violence prevention in Europe – 2015
  • Responding sensitively to survivors of child sexual abuse -2016
  • Evaluation of Co-Created Service Delivery Model for Adult Survivors Of CSA – 2016
  • The participation of young people in child sexual exploitation services – 2016

Forms of Abuse

  • Breaking the wall of silence: Practitioners’ responses to trafficked children – 2009
  • ‘It’s wrong but you get used to it’ Gang associated sexual exploitation/violence of young people in England – 2013
  • Developing local responses to peer-on-peer abuse, MSU site work – 2016


  • Barnardo’s Safe Accommodation Project Evalaution – 2013
  • Barnardo’s Safe Choices/PSNI Co-located Pilot Initiative Evaluation – 2014
  • Families and Communities Against Child Sexual Exploitation Evaluation – 2015
  • The Alexi Project: Evaluating a new model of tackling CSE across England – 2015
  • The AVA project Evaluation (addressing domestic and sexual violence) – 2016
  • Nightwatch: CSE in Plain Sight Evaluation- 2016

Looked After Children

  • Scoping study into safe accommodation for children in care at risk or victims of trafficking or sexual exploitation – 2011