Making safe spaces to talk about unsafe relationships

Camille Warrington is participation lead for the International Centre. Watch the recording of a recent webinar presented by Camille in which she shares insights into participatory research with young people and explores good practice. The webinar is entitled ‘Making safe spaces to talk about unsafe relationships: Risks, ethics and safety when working in partnership with young people affected by sexual violence’.

If you would like to watch the full webinar, please click here (please note the recording does not start until 01.15 minutes in)

During the webinar Camille shares examples of participatory research with young people affected by sexual violence and discusses ethical and practical aspects of this work.  The presentation highlights the value of involving young people affected by sexual violence and exploitation in research, and explores challenges, risks and strategies to develop meaningful and safe participation. It covers:

  • The significance of and rationale for direct involvement of young people affected by sexual violence in research and policy development
  • Key ethical issues encountered including issues relating to:
    • representation, identity and stigma;
    • working in group settings;
    • recognising and responding to trauma; and
    • managing risk and issues relating to ownership or editorial control of resources developed by young people.
  • Strategies used by the International Centre to address some of these issues.


Picture: © AYPH Be Healthy Project. Created by ‘Be Healthy Health Advocates’ as part of a project to identify barriers that young people affected by sexual exploitation may face when accessing health services.