Launching the IC blog on CSE Awareness Day

It’s March 18th – National Child Sexual Exploitation Awareness Day.

A year ago today we launched a set of 12 short films, each sharing key findings  from a different research project in under two minutes. It was an attempt to continue to make our research accessible to a non-academic audience, and feedback has been really positive so far.

This year the team has decided to set up a blog.

The work of the Centre continues to expand as public awareness about abuse and exploitation is on the rise. In the current climate it is even more important that we keep finding new ways to engage as many people as possible with the research we produce.

We are launching the blog by focusing on the voices of young people in and through our research. Children have a right to be heard. Throughout the day we will publish five different posts that give you a flavour of what that means in our practice.

Going forward you can expect this blog to contain updates about our projects, key findings from our research, thoughts about methodology in our field, and critical reflection on what it means to enhance children’s wellbeing through research, policy and practice.

You will find full details of all our research projects and publications at our main site, but for now please do come back throughout the day and over the next few weeks and months.

We look forward to hearing what you think!

The International Centre Team